In the beginning, God created.

He created man in his image. He created us to create. So write a book. Start a blog. 
Tell stories from your life in whatever way you want to.

In the beginning...

I started Safe Harbor Editing with one goal in mind: to help people create. Whether it's creating the perfect resume, editing a story, or helping to format a dissertation, my desire is to get you to where you want to be.  

About Chelsea

Chelsea graduated from Bethel College with her degree in English literature. She started editing papers and essays while still a student and began Safe Harbor Editing in 2016.

She lives in South Bend with her overweight cats, Bilbo and Gandalf the Orange.

About Emily

Emily graduated from Bethel College with a Bachelor's degree. She has studied several languages and is passionate about communication. She has taught English in various settings and cultures to people anywhere from age 4 to 70.